Purple Sofa Tips and Trick

Purple sofa is delighted home furniture you must have to change the room face at desain rumah minimalis. Actually the trend of using purple color, included for purple sofa, has been started from around middle of 2010. Around that time, people start to be confidence to wear purple color and as we can guess, purple become a hype color selection for all things people can have. People start to collect purple accessories, clothes, and also home furniture. If you want to install for purple sofa also, we have some tips and tricks that you can apply for your creative decorations.

#Purple sofa, choose you’re purple
So, what comes to your mind when we talk about purple sofa for your living room, bedroom, or family room? You may be confused and this is understandable as there are more than 5 colors variants for purple. Let say, you may buy purple sofa with deep purple colors, dark purple, purple, light purple, violet, gothic purple, and many more. Well as there are many colors offered and we talk about purple color for sofa, that will be better to choose dark color as so many people sit on that and sofa is not cheap furniture you can easily change once you feel the colors is hard to mix and matches. So, deeper or darker purple color will make other things run easily.

Purple Sofa Tips and Trick

Purple Sofa Tips and Trick

#Purple sofa and home furniture
Then we goes to the second discussion, how to arrange or choose home furniture that suits for purple sofa? Well, you shall not buy for much furniture just to make things matches. It will cost in very high budget. As I propose for darker purple color, then you can mix easily with furniture for all colors variants, light or dark color. For the dark color, purple plays good with deep maroon red and solid black. There is also no problem to buy for metal or wooden furniture as dark purple sofa goods with all materials.

#Purple sofa and creativity
If you want to look different with yourpurple sofa room decoration, you can be crative in mix matching the color. What becomes trend now is that matching two contrast color. For example you buy for dark purple sofa, and then you match with blood red couches, orange couches, zebra animal motif rugs, or yellow rugs. That will result in stylish and high class modern home décor style.

Before buying purple sofa, you have to really select the purple color that is easy to mix matches. Avoid buying light purple sofa because the colors look pale and not good for room decoration. You can try to browse pictures for room decoration with purple sofa.


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