Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you are planning to revamp your living room in desain rumah minimalis 2 lantai, then you are probably on the lookout for some fabulous living room decorating ideas. The interior of your living room should reflect your personality. So, it’s best if you can opt for some aesthetic living room decorating ideas. Are you wondering about the procedure you should follow? Here’s a brief discussion.

Catch the Eyes of the Visitors

This should be the first concern while planning your living room decorating ideas. Introducing an eye catching focal point to interior landscape of your living room can be a nice option. Fire places and a huge window offering a splendid view make a great architectural focus for the living room. You can also add furniture like a classic piano, media center; armoire, book shelves and antique chests decorate your living room. Involve your family members, even the kids while deciding these living room decorating ideas.

Accessorize Your Living Room

Accessories are essential for all sorts of living room decorating ideas. Walls facing the couch or sofa can be decorated with pictures, paintings and murals. Mirrors with frames complementing the room’s interior décor positioned to reflect attractive objects can make the interior of your living room even more attractive. You may also decorate table tops and shelves with fruit baskets or porcelain vases containing bright flowers.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas

You can also find out some inventive living room decorating ideas while arranging the lights. Beautiful lamps may be used to light up the room softly. You can also use colored candles to enable mood lighting.

Arrangement of Furniture

Now, let’s come to living room decorating ideas for arranging furniture. You can have multiple seating arrangements in large living rooms. Furniture must face important focal points of the room. Don’t block paths and windows with furniture. There should be tables near all seats. Make it sure that the furniture arrangement does not make your room clumsy.

Some Significant Tips

You must opt for pastel shades or neutral colors like beige or white while painting the multipurpose living room areas. Media spaces may have bold colors. Attractive rugs and wall art/sculptures can add up some extra shine to all your living room decorating ideas. Windows may be decorated with rich luxurious curtains. Furniture may have colorful fabric or neutral colored fabric. Soft and cozy pillows may be placed on furniture to impart a warm and inviting feel to the living room.

These living room decorating ideas should help you in developing your own style, so that visitors can’t stop marveling your living room decor.


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