Living Room Lighting Ideas

Incorporating practical living room lighting ideas is very important as it provides a balanced and natural ambiance making your living room more relaxing.

Activity Based Living Room Lighting Ideas

Monorail lighting and wall sconce lights can be perfect for your living room. Leisure activity areas like the pool table and mantles should be slightly lit up with soft recessed lighting or halogen lamps.

You can plan some innovative living room lighting ideas for the entertainment zone. Televisions may be lit with backlights to avoid glare. Sections of the living room you generally read your newspaper require more intense lighting. You can place low level floor standing lamps adjacent to sofas, tables or at a corner of the room.

Using string lights available in varied hues and patterns makes a great living room lighting idea for lighting up sections used for party activities. Mix lighting is a living room lighting idea that mixes halogen lights, PLC down lights and fluorescent lights to avoid the harsh glare and shadows of a single central light.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Decorative Living Room Lighting Ideas

You can try out living room lighting ideas like, use of portable lamps and pendant lights to decorate the room. Soft Halogen lighting and spotlights can be used to enhance decorations like paintings, art work and pictures. Collectibles in glass cabinets may be highlighted using selective adjustable lighting.

Living Room Lighting Ideas Suiting Your Moods

You can give your living room a relaxed ambiance by using track lighting. You can give a chill out mood to your living room by dotting table lamps across the room on side tables, consoles and shelves. Dimmer lights like in wall light dimmers are popular living room lighting ideas for creating a perfect set up for a gathering of near and dear ones.

Diffusion Living Room Lighting Ideas

Now, let us discuss some living room lighting ideas for day time. For diffused lighting during the day you could replace shutters and curtains on windows with folding screens made of paper, wood or fabric. Another interesting lighting idea is the use of white bulbs and indirect lighting to make the room warm and inviting.

Lighting can make or mar your living room’s ambiance and functionality. So while going in for a lighting makeover, you should choose living room lighting ideas that suit the size, color scheme and furniture of your living room.


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